Google’s same-day delivery halts in NYC after 1 day

Google launched its same-day delivery service in Manhattan Monday, but it became too popular too quickly.

Google Shopping Express boasts that shoppers can “see it, click it, get it today,” but by noon, hopeful Manhattanites were greeted by a giant red disclaimer that said the system couldn’t handle anymore deliveries for the day.

Customers are supposed to be able to shop until 4:30 p.m.
The new site escalates the ongoing delivery war between Internet behemoths like Amazon and eBay and ups the ante by offering free delivery for six months and $10 off first orders.

While the ordering system is simple, allowing customers to peruse thousands of items from various big-box retail stores like Target, Walgreens and even Babies “R” Us, Google may have been overzealous in promising same-day delivery.

The idea behind the service is that shoppers can get all of their shopping needs — from specialty sauces from Fairway Market to reams of paper from Staples.

Google has been testing the program throughout the past few weeks, ordering everything from dog food to a giant TV at Harlem’s Costco location, according to the store’s manager Rob Coope, 43.
Coope said he has little to do with the operation, as Google takes care of everything.
“You want to buy cereal,” he said. “You pick it out and Google comes in and basically shops for you and brings it to your house.”

Right now, the service, which kicked off in Los Angeles last year, is only available in Manhattan, but Google said it has plans to expand the program to Queens and Brooklyn in the next few months.

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