Greta Van Susteren Hits Jon Stewart on His Comment about Fox Coverage on the Benghazi Controversy

Jon Stewart’s tirade on Fox News about its coverage of the Benghazi controversy attracted an unexpected audience, Geta Van Susteren. The comedian berated Fox News for allegedly stoking the Benghazi controversy by asking where its outrage over the Iraq War had been during the Bush years.

Greta responded on her blog by stating “Besides the obvious-that almost all the Democrats in Congress voted for the War in Iraq and other media reporting-is my simple note to Stewart: 2 wrongs don’t make a right.” The On the Record host added that thought Mr. Stewart was “smart and clever but like the rest of us, not always right”.

Many foreign policy experts and congressional republicans have criticized the Obama administration on their handling of the 2012 Benghazi attach that led to the death of four Americans including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. The incident has prompted several congressional investigations where House Republicans have accused the Obama administration of stonewalling.

New emails seized by critics show apparent attempt by the White House to change the Benghazi narrative for political advantage. In the wake of these emails, the House Speaker has formed a congressional committee to investigate the seemingly White House cover up of the incident.

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