‘Harry Potter’ Sorting Bath Bomb Will Make Your Hogwarts Dreams A Reality

With seven books, eight movies, a spinoff series, amusement parks, and a million different items available for purchase, the world of Harry Potter is never-ending. But with so much Harry Potter merch out there, it would seem that nothing could surprise us. Well, we were wrong.

We’ve just learned about a new Harry Potter product that has us packed and ready for Hogwarts. There is a Sorting Hat Bath bomb that will reveal your true house when dropped in warm water. Bath product creator Rebecca Lynn, created the masterpiece that starts out white, before dissolving into red (Gryffindor), yellow (Hufflepuff), blue (Ravenclaw), or green (Slytherin), which represent each of the four Hogwarts houses.

Unfortunately, it appears that Created By Rebecca Lynn’s Etsy store is not open at the moment (though you can buy these specific products on eBay). But don’t fret, the Sorting Hat Bath bomb isn’t the only Harry Potter-inspired bath bomb on the market. Bath bomb company FizzFairy also has Harry Potter inspired bath bombs, selling bath bombs in golden snitch form and even as an egg from the Triwizard Tournament.

We love how invested these bath bomb companies are in Harry Potter merchandise. Bath bombs are probably the most magical thing in the world for most muggles, so we buy as many as we can get! Luckily, the FizzyFairy bath bombs aren’t too expensive at only $10.

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