Huge Collection of Celebrity Hacked Nudes Still On Imgur – Reddit’s Image Hosting Site

According to Forbes. Many nude photos stolen from celebrities’ iCloud accounts are still posted around Imgur, including in an album called “ It’s Fappening” that was uploaded 2 weeks ago.

While the photos are still available, the social features around those photos — including comments and point ratings — have been turned off.

For some reason, Imgur has managed to escape the scrutiny that Reddit has gotten even though it is a site actually hosting the photos.

The images are still been hosted here – (link is NSFW)and they seem to have been updated 2 weeks ago and have racked up a tone of page views.

According to the spokesperson, Imgur added “extra resources” to its abuse and removal request teams after the celebrity hack. The spokesperson wouldn’t specify the nature of the extra resources.

We’ve been immediately removing the leaked images as they’re reported, and encourage people to get in touch if they notice any of them, as well,” said Imgur’s spokesperson. “Imgur has strict DMCA guidelines that we follow, and any content that violates our terms of service, including images that are stolen or used as harassment, is immediately deleted when we’re notified of its existence.

“We respect people’s privacy, and we hope our users do too, but if you notice any stolen personal photos, please let us know by either emailing [email protected] or filling out our removal request form.”

“We have added extra resources behind these two channels and will be acting diligently on anything that comes to our attention.”

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