In Google Maps Trump Tower Renamed From “Dump Tower”

Someone renamed Donald Trump’s midtown Manhattan home (Trump Tower) on Google Maps on Saturday, and the new moniker was not very flattering.

Instead of Trump Tower, the 58-storey skyscraper was rebranded “Dump Tower.”

As users of the mapping service began noticing the new name for the Fifth Avenue building on Saturday, news spread quickly on social media.

Mr Trump, the president-elect, has not yet commented on it. Mr Trump has been using Trump Tower, which has been the focus of protests after the Republican won the election earlier this month, as his transition headquarters.

It has also been suggested that the billionaire may buck tradition and eschew the lure of the White House and spend much of his time as president at his $100 million (£80 million) penthouse in New York.

Google could not be immediately reached for comment.

It is not the first time people have changed the names of places in Google Maps.

In March last year, towns and cities in Spain were renamed after their former incarnations as Islamic kingdoms almost a thousand years ago.

First to be affected was the Andalucian city of Algeciras, near Gibraltar, which suddenly showed up on the online map service as Taifa de Algeciras, in reference to its brief existence as an independent Muslim principality in the early 11th century.

Google said at the time that it takes this kind of incident very seriously, but stressed that its Maps service is used by billions around the world and “occasional inaccuracies are a risk with this kind of collaborative system”.

The internet giant encourages users to moderate incorrect material and has a policy of barring accounts that are found to have acted maliciously or supply wrong information three times.

In August, it faced accusations that it had deleted Palestine from its Maps facility, prompting the internet giant to explain that the country “has never been” on the service.

The row came after a glitch caused the West Bank and Gaza to briefly disappear from Google Maps.

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