Is Jim Ross Is Ready For 1st Match In Wrestlemania 33?

Jim Ross will be back in a familiar seat, for a while, on Sunday when WWE puts on its WrestleMania 33 extravaganza in Orlando.

When Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg battle for the WWE Universal title, Good Ol’ JR will be ringside calling the match, according to numerous reports.

Reports have speculated on a possible greater role for Ross with the company where he formed a legendary announce team with Jerry “The King” Lawler for years on RAW. It is not out of the realm as Lawler recently said he would be calling a match on the card.

This would mark JR’s return to the company he parted ways with in September 2013.

Coincidentally, Ross debuted with WWE at WrestleMania 9 in Las Vegas … in a toga.

The only thing sweeter come WrestleMania 33 would be if JR were put together with Lawler on the match.

This news comes after the recent passing of Jim Ross’ wife, Jan, who died after suffering severe injuries when she was hit by a car while on her Vespa near their Oklahoma home.

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