Italian Named Romeo, JAILED for Being ‘Too Good at Sex’ after Girlfriend’s Moaning Annoyed Neighbors

An Italian man named Romeo has been JAILED for six months for being ‘too good at sex’. Neighbours of Romeo Artemio Lori, 42, were so sick of his girlfriend’s moaning they complained to a judge.

But the latin lover ignored repeated requests to tone down their lovemaking sessions. A court heard how at least 12 angry neighbours in Vigodarzere, Padua, said they were disturbed by his sexploits.

The couple’s sessions would over go on for more than an hour, a judge heard.

They filed a complaint, citing the case as one of ‘stalking’ because of the way the Italian stallion had terrorised them with the loud noises.

During the hearing Romeo claimed he was being punished for “being too good at sex”.
He also argued that there was a difference between “stalking” and “noises”.

But the judge said he found the neighbour’s demands “reasonable” and sentenced Romeo to spend time alone in prison.

The offender said he intends to appeal the sentence.

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