Ivanka Trump Criticized Over Memorial Day Tweet

Ivanka Trump cooked up some controversy after her “Team Ivanka” business account tweeted about one way to celebrate Memorial Day weekend.

The tweet, which was about champagne popsicles, insulted people who said it was disrespectful to the holiday.

Team Ivanka included a link to Trump’s website with other celebration ideas, including picnic and barbecue tips.

Trump is hardly the first person to post about alcoholic drinks for Memorial Day, but people seem to have a higher standard for the first daughter. Some even compared her post to a tweet by Chelsea Clinton.

I think this is @IvankaTrump’s brand and not her personal tweet, but it’s still incredibly tone deaf. https://t.co/B9YTego2HK

Meanwhile Ivanka Trump is tweeting about champagne popsicles, but sure, let’s keep talking about who is a champion for women… https://t.co/FPet4LRoMw

@JustWhatNowWhy @dawgfansteve64 @IvankaTrump Omg. She did not tweet this on Memorial Day. How insensitive can you be? Champagne popsicles?

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