Kanye West Gives A Talk on Art and Commerce at Oxford University

Undoubtedly, one of the worlds most prestigious educational institution, Oxford University, invited Kanye West to talk to their Oxford Guild Business Society.

Despite living the lavish life, being berated for what critics call an out-sized ego, and creating sneakers that regularly break the banks of hypebeasts worldwide, West professed a far more egalitarian approach to art and commerce.

The talk was limited to around 400 people, and filming was prohibited, so quotes and outtakes are limited to the excerpts of a live-blogger and tweets from The Tab Oxford. And while most of us might assume that his talks hinge on hubris (like how Obama calls him on his home phone), he repeatedly references the need for a more democratized accessibility to that which is relegated to “luxury.”

Whether you want to hate him for his most recent outburst, debate his sartorial abilities, or calculate his vocabulary, the one constant remains: Kanye isn’t done yet.

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