Kate Gosselin Says About Son Collin and Ex-Husband Jon Threaten Legal Action

Kate Gosselin revealed earlier this year that her son Collin needed more care and is receiving help at a special program away from home, and now the mother-of-eight has shared with fans how her son is faring.

‘He’s chugging along,’ she told Extra of Collin. ‘It’s a family experience that we are dealing the best we can with… Everyone’s got their stuff.’

‘Another bump in the road and we’re all doing the best that we can with it,’ the 41-year-old added. ‘I am confident he is in the best hands and receiving the best of what’s being offered for his situation.’

‘It’s kind of humbling when as a mom you have to admit that, “I am not enough for what you need,” she said of the treatment.

‘That’s kind of what I struggle with, but we’re moving on. In life, it’s more about how you deal with the situation than the situation you were dealt.’

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star revealed to People in August that the treatment is to help her son ‘learn the skills he needs to be the best him he can be.

‘We miss him so much, so it’s been hard because there is a huge hole in our family without him here,’ she said.

During her interview with Extra, Kate also said that she no longer had a relationship with her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin.

She also said that their children have approached their relationship with Jon differently.

‘I don’t have a relationship with him — I’ve moved on,’ Kate said of her and Jon. ‘I support the kids and their relationship [with him] — some visit, some choose not to, some visit sometimes. I support them and what they want so they can be happy and whole.’

The star also said that she did not believe reality television was to blame for the end of their marriage: ‘The writing was already written on the wall, and I always say it [would have] ended the same way, except the world wouldn’t have known about it.’

Jon, meanwhile, has claimed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that Kate won’t tell him where his son is.

In the short clip, host Jennifer Peros mentions that the 12-year-old will not be featured on this season of reality series Kate Plus 8 and has not been at any of the promotional events/interviews for the show.

‘No one knows where he is,’ Jon said. ‘I have an idea where he is but I don’t really know where he is’

He goes on to explain: ‘Kate says that Collin is in a special school for special needs kids with behavioral problems.’

The interviewer then queries the father-of-eight if he has contacted his ex asking the whereabouts of his son.

Jon replies: ‘I ask but she doesn’t tell me. She doesn’t answer any of my texts unless they pertain to custody.’

On the request of Peros, he proves his point further by sending a text to Kate asking about Collin but does not receive a reply.

The father believes that the entire breakdown of communication is due to money as the Kate has full legal custody of their kids.

Jon claims that if he gets any right over their children then he will not sign off on them appearing on the reality show and believes that Kate is afraid of that.

Kate currently has custody of sextuplets Collin, Aaden, Alexis, Hannah, Leah and Joel along with 16-year-old twins Mady and Cara.

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