Katie Hopkins Thanks Donald Trump ‘for Crushing Multicultural Mafia’

My mother says that honor, such as sweating, is unworthy of a lady.

Fortunately, I never wanted to be – then I can sweat like a pig on safari and rejoice as Kim Kardashian in Rigby & Peller.

Not only has he won, he won by a convincing margin – turning red with American patriotic pride and faces increasingly red commentators as they tried to explain how they had been so spectacularly wrong.

The news came as a shock to all those who have failed – yet again – to understand the feelings of regular Americans – people who want to work hard, keep their family safe and secure for the future.

Real people. Not the loud voices in wealthy cities. Not the multicultural mafia in the liberal heartland of LA or New York. But in the towns, rural outposts and forgotten homes across the States.

As Trump predicted, it was Brexit Times Ten. The people rose up and made their voice heard, leaving Hillary to weep into her pant suit and her campaign team to wonder what on Earth went wrong.

You can’t blame them for thinking they stood a good chance. Pollsters have demonstrated – once again- why they are an utterly defunct source of information.

Reuters gave her a 95 per cent chance of winning this election. Nate Silver downgraded to a 71 per cent chance of success. And the lefty lovies echo-chamber of choice – the Huffington Post said she was a shoe in at 98 per cent. These are people who are supposed to be reflecting back at us how we feel.

They are deaf and blind. They enjoyed the sound of their own echo for so long they stopped listening to people in the street, stopped even imagining their voices mattered.

Too busy labelling people; racists, xenophobes, misogynists, deplorables – to work out they might actually have a meaningful view. It is a mirror image of Britain’s Brexiteers ‘too stupid’ to know what they voted for.

Clinton’s supporters are in disbelief. They have been played like puppets, imagining voting by gender, race or colour was how politics works.

The Hispanics – sat weeping in at Clinton Basecamp, because Clinton’s running mate spoke Spanish…. and that should have been enough – and the media were determined to tell us the Hispanic vote would crush The Donald.

More Hispanics voted for The Donald than his predecessor Romney.

The women who campaigned on chromosomes alone – wringing out their ovaries in despair… because it was time for a woman in the White House – no matter how unlikeable she was, or the horrors committed in her past. They forgot strong women, like me, back Trump. We do not need to be seen as victims.

The black vote – calling this a whitelash. Making this about colour – a vote against Obama because of his skin – when actually his policies were the thing that failed him. This was not a whitelash. This was a backlash against Obama and his failure to achieve anything in eight years in office.

The media would have us believe all women, black Americans and Hispanics were with Clinton. That is a savage and base generalisation.

People do not actually vote on rhetoric about their chromosomes, their language or their sex. We are smarter than that.

Hillary got that all wrong.

People vote for policy that will make a difference to their lives, policy that will bring change. It is how Obama won the vote. And it worked for the diametrically opposed candidate – Donald – too.

More than eight out of ten voters who said they wanted change voted for Trump.

Forgotten Americans want policies that will make a difference:

To reduce immigration and deport those migrants who fail to follow the law of the country;

To prevent Islamic extremists from infiltrating the United States – in the way Europe has allowed itself to be overrun and Germany has all but fallen;

To make alliances with new political powerhouses and stop paying to be the policeman of the world and to make trade deals which return jobs and industry to Middle America.

But most of all, they wanted a chance to have their voices heard. For The Establishment to sit up and take notice, to understand they work for the people. Not the other way around.

And the people are sick of being told things they know are not true. Sick of seeing their military depleted and their service personnel side-lined, tired of hearing black lives matter when police lives seem to count for nothing, fed up of seeing migrants receive free healthcare when small business owners are fined for failing to pay Obamacare premiums which are off the chart.

Fed up with having their Second Amendment rights brought into question or that the Supreme Court should fall to the liberal left – regular Americans do not want laws made by luvvies.

Finally real change has come. As I predicted, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States on January 20, 2017.

The Establishment, the lefty media, the Clinton News Network, the luvvies and the useless pollsters have two months to figure out how they allowed themselves to be so very out of touch and how they are going to change IF they are to become relevant again.

Meanwhile Trump will be working on his 100 day plan. A plan which will Make America Great Again.

From one Brexiteer – to every American who voted for Donald Trump, thank you.

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