#PerrieExposedZaynParty On Twitter

And now it seems their fans just cannot wait to hear the girl group’s brand , Shout Out To My Ex.

Of course, it has been widely speculated that the band’s new lead single from their fourth studio album, Glory Days, purposely takes aim at Perrie Edwards former fiancé Zayn Malik.

The new song of Little Mix scream my ex is a brutal descent Zayn – Perrie amortization for him to end his participation last summer text before moving to the supermodel Gigi Hadid

After the pair split last year, Perrie has remained tight-lipped… until now.

Fans of Perrie and the girls are all so excited about the song’s premiere that they’ve taken to Twitter to share their joy.

Naturally the fans are now at war, bickering over the new song.

Very excited to be back with new music! #shoutouttomyex Out 16.10.16! Hope you all love it as much as we do! ??

A photo posted by Perrie Edwards ✌️? (@perrieeele) on

It didn’t take long before #PerrieExposedZaynParty started trending worldwide on Twitter, after 21,000 tweets were made with the hashtags.

One fan wrote: “I have legit no respect for Zayn #PerrieExposedZaynParty.”

While a second chimed in: “Perrie is a strong woman. she doesn’t need anybody. stop hating, this is ridiculous. #PerrieExposedZaynParty.”

A third praised Perrie, saying she deserves her success: “Perrie is such a queen. She is so happy now & deserves every bit of her success #perrieexposedzaynparty.”

OMG LOOK AT WHAT PERRIE SAID ABOUT ZAYN #PerrieExposedZaynParty pic.twitter.com/OZI0hJXkgq

These are not my fandoms so I’m just gonna sit here and watch #PerrieExposedZaynParty pic.twitter.com/mRgfZ1t06q

#PerrieExposedZaynParty WATCHING THE DRAMA IS LIKE pic.twitter.com/R41S1sFsjL

perrie when zayn broke up with her but then she realized she has got a better man #PerrieExposedZaynParty pic.twitter.com/4AHvHhkph1

Another fan tried to keep the peace, but did comment on how quickly Zayn moved on from Perrie to supermodel Gigi Hadid: “I love & support both of them, however I’ve always been upset and amazed about how fast Zayn moved on. #PerrieExposedZaynParty.”

So here is what happened #PerrieExposedZaynParty pic.twitter.com/3poLAb1ipc

Z stans: LM always use Zayn for attention!

Zayn: talks about 1D in all interviews

Z stans:#PerrieExposedZaynParty pic.twitter.com/BcOjcRHWsa

A die hard Zayn fan tried to take a swipe at the girl group’s success, adding: “#PerrieExposedZaynParty but who’s first single debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, something Little Mix is yet to achieve.”

Another made a reference to how the pair split, saying: “I am a Zayn Stan and I don’t get how he could break up an engagement over text like who does that? #PerrieExposedZaynParty.”

While other members of the fandom are already over it all.

Another user commented: “#PerrieExposedZaynParty it’s been over a year since they broke up btw.”

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