A Taxi Cab Driver In NYC Evaded $28K in Tolls.

Rodolfo Sanchez a cab driver in New York City figured out that if he tailgated a law-abiding, toll-paying car ahead of him closely enough, he could sneak though before the barrier came back down. It’s alleged that Rodolfo Sanchez did exactly that on every trip for nearly two years and saved himself more than $28,000 in tolls.

Transit Authorities finally caught on to his scheme when they noticed that there was a particular EZ Pass with no money in its account crossing the bridge over and over and over for free.

It wasn’t registered to Sanchez—he may have used it as a decoy—but investigators were able to use the device’s tracking data to crack the case.

The 69-year-old faces grand larceny charges and seven years in prison if convicted.

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