Nikki Sixx: Heroin Epidemic Breaks My Heart

Nikki Sixx remains one of the busiest in the rock men, with Sixx: A. M. thriving on the road as he prepares to launch his second album of the year, receiving his radio show Sixx Sense and pursue his passion for photography. The rocker says in an interview that he is much more active than his days of excess in the 80s with Motley Crue.

Talking to the rock of the team, he was asked if he remembered Sixx much of the 80s, and he replied. “Not long They were a challenge not understand why I could only do one or two things when I can do so many now.”.

When it was suggested that it was his lifestyle, he agreed, stating that “lifestyle has a lot to do with it. There was a lot of negative energy. The rebellion is fatiguing for the rebel. It’s like the boxer who it goes swinging. he just holds himself. these days I like to go 12 rounds. ”

Sixx admits that they have some good times on drugs, but adds that the feeling “was too fast.” He said that if I could share some advice with his 21-year-old self, it would be to “try not to inhale Colombia.”

Sixx, who was declared legally dead after an overdose only to be revived, added: “I am not afraid of death at all in my own broken philosophy, if you live the right life, death is something to look forward to.. it gives you a reason to be alive. “

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