Jenna Fischer Loves This “Office” Costume Of Dwight Schrute

When toddlers dress up in costume, it’s pretty stinking cute. When toddlers dress up as TV icons? Even better. So when Jenna Fischer dressed her daughter up like Dwight from The Office, the cute-factor was just way off the charts. What a better way to honor Dunder Mifflin than have her own kid dress up like one of the most quotable characters of our generation?

Fischer, of course, starred on the show as all-star receptionist Pam Beesly. The show followed her struggles with love, family, and her career throughout nine incredible seasons. Not only did the show boost her acting profile, but it helped connect her withreal life BFF Angela Kinsey.

We have a feeling that the son Dwight and Angela had on the show probably looks alittle bit like Fischer’s daughter in that photo by this point. The fact that Fischer had little Harper hold onto a beet during the photo shoot? Well, it just took a good idea and made it perfect.

Actor Rainn Wilson has yet to respond, but knowing him, he probably will. If we were him, we’d be honored by such a sweet tribute!

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