Heidi Klum and Ellen DeGeneres Recreate Sia’s Chandelier For Halloween

Ellen DeGeneres celebrated Halloween on her Monday broadcast by dressing like Sia and recreating the “Chandelier” video with help from Heidi Klum.

Dressing up as Sia has proved to be a popular costume this Halloween. On Oct. 28, Kelly Clarkson borrowed the pop star’s signature concealing hairstyle in a video she posted to Facebook.

“I’m Sia this Halloween,” Clarkson began. “She’s one of my favorites so I thought I’d wear a wig and be [her].” Clarkson then delivered her own a cappella rendition of the soaring song “Chandelier.”

The Ellen DeGeneres Show host dressed as Sia, complete with the singer’s patented wig. “Sia and I have a whole lot in common. She’s Australian, and I married an Australian. And we both like to swing from a chandelier. Which is why I’m no longer welcome at Bed, Bath, and Beyond,” DeGeneres joked.

Clarkson isn’t the only one to dress as the powerhouse vocalist, though, as Ellen DeGeneres also channeled Sia for today’s Halloween episode of Ellen. DeGeneres naturally had a handful of jokes available regarding the look (“As you can tell, I’m Sia and the problem is I can’t really see ya”) and told the crowd she gathered a bunch of loofahs to make her dress and borrowed the bow from “a car I gave away recently.”

DeGeneres then (sort of) covered Sia’s “Chandelier” — she lip synced the track, unlike Clarkson — with the help of Heidi Klum, who gracefully leaped on stage donning dancer Maddie Ziegler’s look of a nude leotard and matching black-and-white wig. The two then recreated moments from Sia’s live performances of the song — and yes, it was hilarious.

Noting her costume wouldn’t be complete without frequent Sia collaborator Maddie Ziegler, DeGeneres welcomed Klum on stage dressed as the 14-year-old dancer.

The two then recreated the “Chandelier” video, with DeGeneres lip-syncing to the Sia track while Klum danced like an entire audience ofEllen show fans wasn’t watching. Check it out below.

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