LOL: Trump Lets Jimmy Fallon Mess Up His Hair

There are few things Donald Trump is more particular about their hair.

And on Thursday, Jimmy Fallon asked if he could mess.

First, Trump winced and grimaced, shaking his head as the “Tonight Show” audience burst into a handful of applause and cheers.

“The answer is yes, but people in New Hampshire, where I’ll be in about an hour from now, I hope you will understand,” Trump said. “Ahead.”

Trump coif author has long been the subject of intense scrutiny, even those who have questioned whether Trump do is the real thing.

“But I’m trying not anyway,” said Trump.

In contrast to Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah, Fallon usually focuses on extracting moments of humor through plays and stunts with their political guests.

In his interview with Mehmet Oz, Trump said he feels “good as I did when I was 30.” It was compared to Tom Brady, saying “I am the same age as him. It’s crazy.”

Trump made the campaign a letter from his personal physician, Harold Bornstein, whom he described as “excellent physical health” public.

Bornstein went on to describe the results of a recent survey.

Trump also describes his campaign appearances, in which he waves his arms when speaking to a large crowd, was “a form of exercise.”

To test these claims, Trump has allowed the interviewers and participants randomly, even in a couple of campaign events to touch her hair, but never dirty – so far.

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