Meet TxTo, The Startup That’s Doing Something Beautiful With SMS That You Will Love.

Do you get frustrated when you have to scroll through a long chain of text messages on your phone and you don’t seem to find what you are looking for? Or there are some messages on your phone that you simply don’t want to miss?

A new little service that lets you print out your text history on a miniature scroll they call a “tome”.

Not only will TxTo print your conversations out on “tomes,” but they will give you data around your SMS activity, including the number of texts you’ve sent and when, a visualization of your busiest day, daily and hourly distribution of texts and average length, as well as a word cloud of your most-used words and phrases.

The service also allows users to search for specific words in their history, which is something that is ridiculously infuriating if you are iPhone user.

The project started when co-founder Martin Daniel was interning at Google while his girlfriend was back home in France. After realizing he could export the text conversations on his G1 smartphone, he decided to print out their story and send it to her on paper.

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