The Kim Kardashian Game , Kim Kardashian: Hollywood – Has Made $43 Million in 3 Months

Kim Kardashian’s mobile game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, has made $43 million since its launch this past June, the company disclosed in its third-quarter earnings report.

In fact, the reality star’s game has earned more for the company, Glu Mobile than all their other apps — combined! (If it makes you feel any better, the company did predict that the game would earn $200 million by the end of the year).

In case you’ve yet to play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, players create their own celebrity and attempt to rise to A-list fame. To get to Kardashian-celeb status quicker, players can advance by purchasing virtual goods, like a house in Malibu for $10.

In an interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show in August, Kardashian defended her game against complaints it was addictive and was able to bypass in-app purchase controls. “You just have to make sure that your parental controls are all set. I think you just have to be responsible, and don’t have your credit card linked to where your kid can just spend if they want to,” Kanye West’s wife said.

“It’s just a fun little game. It’s kind of like when people get into Candy Crush so much…it’s just something fun to do.”

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