Meet Wakie, This App Wakes You With Phone Calls from Strangers

If you are the sort of person who always hits the snooze button when the alarm starts going off? Then maybe you need Wakie, a new app that lets a stranger’s voice rouse you out of bed.

Don’t worry – this isn’t some seedy hook-up app that organises a liaison with the sort of partner who’d have you running for the door before 4am Wakie is only conducted through your phone.

When it’s time to get up, a random user will call your phone, waking you up with whatever conversation they please.

Similarly, if you’re wide awake and a user in New York needs to hear your charming British accent to get them moving, then you can serve as a human alarm clock too.

There really seem to be few drawbacks, as numbers remain anonymous so it’s easy to hang up on an unpleasant caller.

The app was created by Armenian Hrachik Adjamian, and it’s already extremely popular in Russia. Check out the website to download Wakie.

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