Mel and Sue Leave As Hosts Great British Bake Off

Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc have confirmed that will no longer host the Great British Bake Off when moving to Channel 4 next year.

In a statement Tuesday, the pair condemned the decision to move the popular BBC show after a dispute over money and said they were “not going to mass.”

Perkins and Giedroyc had spoken both prior to baking desire for competition to remain in the BBC, which has been home to the series since it began in 2010.

Neither they nor the judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, were consulted during the negotiations on their future. After the talks failed on Monday afternoon, Perkins tweeted the statement by the BBC, who expressed the hope that Love Productions, which makes the show, it would reverse its decision.

Perkins and Giedroyc, in a statement. “We have made no secret of our desire for the show to stay where he was.”

His decision to resign will be a blow for Channel 4, which agreed £ 25m a year to broadcast the show. Perkins and chemistry and Giedroyc, the presentation style loaded with spicy hints are considered a key part of the popularity of Bake Off.

“The BBC nourishes the show since childhood and helped give it its distinctive charm and warmth, growing from an audience of 2 million to nearly 15 [million] at its peak,” said the couple. “We’ve had the most incredible experience Bake Off, and I was delighted to see that go up and up like a pair of baps Latvia yeasted. We do not go to mass. We wish all future bakers successes”.

Perkins and Giedroyc met as students at the University of Cambridge in the 1980s and were members of the Footlights theater group. They presented the Channel 4 comedy talk show light lunch, which was moved to a prime-time in 1999 and renamed late lunch. In 2015, they were given their own talk show ITV.

His departure whether Hollywood and Berry also choose to leave the series after this series arises. Hollywood has spoken in the past of their loyalty to the BBC.

“I’ve said, I think the girls have said so, we want to continue with the BBC,” he said during an appearance on Top Gear in June. “As for Mary, Mel, Sue and I want to continue with the BBC.”

Berry has remained largely quiet part on the matter, but said Monday that “everything that happens is nothing to do with my choice.”

A spokesman for Love Productions, said: “We would like to thank Mel and Sue for bringing their own unique humor carp in recent years and respect his decision not to join the team Bake Off on channel 4.”

The news was greeted with a shower of dismay former contestants Bake Off. Richard Burr, who participated in the 2014 series, tweeted: “No Mel and Sue simply not Bake Off Channel 4 just bought a tent.”.

Another contestant 2014, Martha Collison, added: “Well, that’s the end of that Mel and Sue are the real stars of the show – irreplaceable.”.

John Whaite, the winner of the series in 2012, described it as “a very sad news.”

“They’re wonderful girls that make the exhibition what it is. Now, I’m not so optimistic …” he said.

The BBC is understood to have offered £ 15m – double its previous terms – to keep the show, but frustrated when Love Productions demanded an estimated £ 25m a year.

The station described Bake Off as a “Newsnight par excellence”, and added. “We made a very strong offer to keep the show, but we are at a considerable distance apart from money resources the BBC are not infinite “.

And a disagreement about money, it is understood that Love Productions was interested in changing Bake Off to a home where it could expand the business side of the program.

“Unfortunately, we could not agree whether a fair valuation, nor the BBC in a position to provide the necessary comfort for the future protection of a television series such distinctive and much loved” the company said in a statement.

the show’s ratings are likely to suffer a blow when it moves to channel 4. The launch seventh episode of the current series attracted a record audience of 10 million viewers to BBC1. Almost half of the total viewing audience of television tuned to see the new batch of 12 contestants try their hand at making Jaffa cakes.

most popular programs of Channel 4, as Gogglebox, drawing regular audiences just 5 million.

However, Toby Syfret, an expert in media Enders Analysis, said that even if the channel 4 points to less than half of the audience had Bake Off on BBC still be economically beneficial.

It is estimated that the announcement and media purchases produce about £ 3 million per episode, with each series currently consists of 11 episodes.

“If Bake Off puts even half the success on Channel 4 which has at BBC, which will more than cover itself,” Syfret said. “Channel 4 can charge premium rates in terms of time in the air, in the region of £ 50,000 to £ 100,000 for slots of 30 seconds, even if only an audience of around 3 million sets. And if Bake Off draws 5 or 6 million then it will be another step up.

“No need to get something like the audience they had in the BBC1 to succeed and bring back the £ 25m happened.”

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