Brave Boy Is Not Afraid By Leopard At The Zoo

A brave boy stands a leopard angry as the big cat tries to attack him through his glass enclosure lovable zoo park in this video.

The child is seen walking tentatively to the edge of the box to look leopard calm before suddenly lunges without notice.

But instead of running away, glad to 17 months old, Grayson does not show fear and begins to laugh and shout with joy.

As the animal still trying to “capture” the child, Grayson starts running the length of the pen with the big cat chasing him.

The daring boy, dressed in denim shorts and a striped sweater, seems to be completely undisturbed by the animal continues to follow and attack through the glass.

Several people can be heard laughing in the background in the brave boy as he ‘plays’ with animals more than three times its size through the glass.

The material was captured in Creation Kingdom Zoo in Virginia, United States last week, when Grayson, was taken on a day trip by his mother.

By posting the video online to his mother, who is from Davenport, Iowa, he said: “I took him to the zoo and it was neat to see such active animal.

‘This Leopard is playing with or trying to eat Grayson. My son thinks it’s hilarious nonetheless.

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