Myfastfile – Superfast Torrenting In the Cloud You Will Love! Literally Instant Torrent Download

With the recent crackdown of torrenting websites and torrent hosting services, downloading torrents isn’t the easiest or safest thing in the world at the moment, even more especially with internet service providers getting into the business of blocking their customers for downloading torrents.

We covered a couple of services previously that are trying to change that. Today we have another superfast tool called MyFastfile.

Don’t let the UI fool you. Myfastfile, which we have been trying out (downloading educational torrents of course) has officially launched and is a superfast and efficient remote BitTorrent and web downloading tool based in the cloud. With this service you never need to worry about speed or privacy.


Myfastfile allows you to download files to their servers superfast even instantly, we wanted to measure the speed of the download but the downloads were actually instantaneous. So much faster than most home internet connections.

There are many services that do this, but what sets Myfastfile apart is that it also allows you to stream downloaded videos; in effect you could watch a ten minute-long video from a torrent/ magnet link faster than watching a YouTube video literally.

All you have to do is copy and paste the magnet link or upload the torrent from the download site.

Myfastfile has a download quota of 1000 GB / month (which is currently much higher than their competitors). They allow you to add ten torrents at the same time. Every Video file is available to stream instantly, and they convert it into a better streamable format automatically.


Myfastfile is also incorporated in Belize for Privacy Laws and uses VPN Protected Servers and as such users don’t have to bother with privacy. A representative from MyFastFile informed Netloid that there are plans to add browser extensions, more languages, automatic subtitles and a youtube grabber. Myfastfile offers payment options in Bitcoin which is a plus torrent responsibly and be safe!

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