New Skinny Prosecco Contains Half The Sugar And Only 67 Calories

Coca-Cola Light, slimline tonic, our obsession with skinny go when it comes to our coffees.

We are determined to show healthy ready when it comes to most of our favorite drinks.

So, why not when it comes to raising a glass of soda?

A brand new Prosecco, which has half the sugar of regular soda, is for sale in the UK, and demand has skyrocketed.

The brainchild of Amanda Thomson, of Thomson & Scott Skinny, ‘Skinny Prosecco’ is currently on sale at a number of retailers, including Selfridges, Harvey Nicholls and Fenwicks.

But, Amanda hopes to see the brand adorning the shelves of the UK’s biggest supermarkets as early as next Spring.

The drink contains just 7g of added sugar per litre, around half that of a regular prosecco – and a glass contains just 67 calories.

And since it hit the shelves, priced at £17.99 a bottle, deman for the diet fizz has grown- with Selfridges selling out in just three days when it was launched in April.

Amanda told The Sun Online: “I was raised on a sugar-free diet and realised that everyone always asks what’s in their food, but never what’s in their wine.

“I was amazed at the amount of sugar in wine and how little information we’re given about what’s in a bottle.”

Ian Thomson, creative director at Thomson & Scott, told The Sun Online his wife’s ultimate vision it to walk into a bar one day, order a prosecco and, like in the case of Coke or tonic water, be asked “skinny or regular”?

He said: “The idea of skinny prosecco has really caught the imagination of people who love prosecco, but also those people who want to change their lifestyle and be a bit healthier.

“We are all obsessed with what’s in our food, but nobody asks what is in their bottles.

“Sugar is the devil, and we don’t want people to give up drinking their favourite drink, but we want to offer an alternative.

“If you can make a beautiful prosecco without spoons and spoons of sugar, why not do that?”

Amanda’s quest to find a low-sugar alternative began around three years ago when she went in search of a low-sugar champagne.

She succeeded in that initial step, and “Skinny Champagne” hit shops in 2013.

Then in April, “Skinny Prosecco” followed in its footsteps.

The products are already available in the UK and Ireland and will soon hit shelves in the US and Australia.

Amanda said: “The response we’ve had so far proves that you can drink delivious wine without the need to add lots of unhealthy sugar.

“Our Prosecco is also certified organic and vegan, which surprises a lot of our customers – so many people don’t realise that a lot of wine is not vegetarian.

“I believe we’re setting the drinks world alight with out transparent approach to drinking.”

Ian added: “We want to get the wine industry and consumers talking about the issue.

“It is pretty much the last industry to face the questions, there’s light beer, and we are obsessed with what’s in our food.

“We hope to raise the debate in the wine industry, by talking about it and showing consumers there are great products out there that are healthier.”

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