NYPD Detective Shoots Robbery Suspect After the Man Assaulted Cop in Halfway House

A robbery suspect was fatally shot by an NYPD detective inside of a halfway house in the East Village yesterday after allegedly attacking the cop’s partner.

According to the New York Daily News, the two detectives—Harold Carter and Vincente Matias—received a tip that Felix David, 22, was at the halfway house just before 2 p.m.

After learning that police had arrived, David reportedly attempted to flee before being confronted by police in the building’s lobby. The Daily News reports that Carter shot him once after he began beating Matias with his own walkie talkie:

“A fight that lasted up to five minutes ended with a single shot fired by Carter after the suspect walloped Matias with one of the detective’s own walkie-talkies.

There was a pretty violent, physical altercation, a police source said. He grabbed one of the detective’s radios and hammered him in the head with it.”

The partner pulled out his gun and fired once, the source added.

Cornered, the suspect grabbed one of the detective’s radios and hit him over the head with it, sources said.

The other detective also suffered a head injury in a scuffle that lasted five minutes.
David later died at Beth Israel Hospital. The detectives were also hospitalized, and the Daily News reports that Matias underwent an MRI.

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