Paintings By Erica Elan Ciganek

Erica Elan Ciganek says:

“Intimacy and vastness are an interesting dichotomy that seems to have wrapped my work together. From the smallest to the largest, the nearness, yet incompleteness, of the faces and landscapes leaves one both closely confronted and distantly aware of the fullness of the subject. The creation process attempts to embrace a sense of discovery in the mystery of observing something deeply. When this is done, I revel in watching what emerges. I am surprised each time at what occurs in the painting, in the contemplation of it, and the final result. But not all is ever seen or observed, no matter how deep, close, or preciously one attempts. I am dependant on the detailed yet limited information of faces and landscapes that I have. Whether the difference of seeing and being seen, intimacy and vastness, all and nothing, large and small, I hope the pieces stand with their own strength, yet join together in stillness.”








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