Papertrophy – Life-Size Polygon Shaped Paper Sculpture For Your Home By Holger Hoffmann

Talented Berlin-based artist and designer, Holger Hoffmann has created another set of eye-catching DIY papercraft sculptures, (previously covered here) this time for your home. If you are looking to give your home the much needed lift and modern touch look no further than “PaperTrophies”.

Inspired by the classic animal trophies, Holger set out to find a timeless design you’d love to look at every day. The complex yet simple polygon structure reflects the modern design-approach.

The Papertrophy animals feature a minimalistic cubic design. It represents simplicity while offering an astonishing look through shadows and light on the trophies. Their bright and vibrant colors create depth and radiate an extravagant elegance. This set consists of two stand up figures and five wall hanging trophies.

Made from vibrantly colored sheets of eco-friendly FSC-certified paper, these minimalist designs evoke the image of classic safari trophies. Shipped flat-pack, each PaperTrophy comes with pre-cut and pre-folded pieces of paper, making it very easy to assemble. Want a PaperTrophy of your own? Head over to their Indiegogo campaign, where you can purchase one to be delivered by March.

Visit the project website and follow the project on Facebook and Twitter. Checkout the pictures below:

Papertrophy how to

Papertrophy low poly 3d Lion Papertrophy

Papertrophy P1110338

Papertrophy P1110340

Papertrophy P1110344

Papertrophy P1110353

Papertrophy P1110358

Papertrophy P1110364

Papertrophy P1110371

Papertrophy P1110373

Papertrophy P1110376

Papertrophy P1110382-2

Papertrophy P1110383

Papertrophy P1110400

Papertrophy P1110449

Papertrophy unicorn zombie papercraft

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