Philippines-based artist Jordan Mang-osan Uses the Power of the Sun to Create Striking Pyrography Drawings

If you enjoyed our post on how Phil Hansen uses electrical sparks to make art. You definitely going to enjoy this post too.

Philippines-based artist Jordan Mang-osan harnesses the power of the sun to create striking pyrography drawings. The artist, who is an ethnic Igorot hailing from the mountainous Cordilleras region, stays close to his roots by working with raw, indigenous materials and focusing on subject matter that celebrates the rich heritage of his people and his country.

After sketching a design, Mang-osan uses a magnifying glass to concentrate solar heat on select areas. The heat etches darkened lines into the wood, resulting in a magnificent landscapes or an elaborate portrait. Mang-osan’s patience and skill is evident in his artwork, as he must carefully manipulate the magnifying glass and sunlight in order to etch each intricate detail over the course of several months.








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