These Food Pictures Show How Much More Expensive San Francisco Is Than Other US Cities

It’s no news that the cost of living in the major cities in the US like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles is ridiculously expensive. New York Times run an article recently about how an parking lot in soho is going for $1M. Crazy right? 

Designer Annalisa van den Bergh and photographer Sierra Hartman of The Bolt Italic teamed up to reveal just how expensive it is to live in San Francisco.

Instead of simply listing expenses or creating an ordinary infographic with blueprints of apartments, the creative duo decided to make it even simpler to imagine through food representations.

Though your money may be good for a metaphoric four-scooped ice cream cone with all the fixings in Albuquerque, you’ll only be able to afford a measly one-scoop with the same budget in ole San Francisco.




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