Piers Morgan ‘VOMITS’ Into A Bucket After Watching Madonna’s Toe-Curling Carpool Karaoke

Piers Morgan called for a sick bucket and pretended to VOMIT live on Good Morning Britain after being shown a video clip of Madonna twerking in her Carpool Karaoke with James Corden.

The cheeky breakfast show presenter branded the popstar’s appearance on the hit American TV segment as “the most sickening carpool karaoke ever made.”

Piers Morgan opened the ITV show with his head in his hands after producers ran teaser scenes for Madge’s stint on James’ hit programme, which showed her humping a car seat wearing tight leather trousers.

The ex-newspaper man hid his face with the huge silver bin and made sick noises as an unimpressed Susanna looked on.

Later in the show, he demanded to see the twerking scenes again when entertainment reporter Richard Arnold presented his segment.

Talking of popstar Madge, he said: “She was a Material Girl, now she is an embarrassing old woman.

“She has got to stop this nonsense.

Clearly on a roll with his rant, he brushed away Susanna’s attempts at defending the popstar.

The Londoner added: “It is the single most excruciating thing she has done since the last thing she has done.

The clip, due to be aired on CBS show The Late Late Show on Wednesday, shows the singer in the passenger seat of a vehicle with Gavin and Stacey star James behind the wheel.

The actor-turned-host asks her if they can listen to some music, to which she said: “I don’t like riding around in a car unless there is music.”

They were then seen striking the singer’s iconic Vogue poses from her music videos before she left James in stitches as she swivelled in her seat and flashed her bum as she began to twerk.

James remained in fits of giggles as he quizzed Madge about her friendship with Michael Jackson.

She quipped: “You want me to kiss and tell then, don’t you,” to which he quickly quizzed: “Did you kiss?”

The video will air in full on the US broadcaster tomorrow.

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