Pippa Middleton’s ICloud Account Hack, Photos Leaked

Police are investigating the theft of 3,000 photographs, including pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge and her sons, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, after hackers broke into iCloud account Pippa Middleton.

The images belonging to the sister of Kate Middleton WhatsApp offered in the press, both the Daily Mail and the Sun by an anonymous seller.

Images include some of the royal children, as well as wedding dresses and party. The Sun said it had been contacted by someone using a pseudonym and asking for £ 50,000 in 48 hours.

specialized Scotland Yard is investigating after receiving a report from the hackon Friday night. A Met spokesman said: “No arrests have been made Investigations are ongoing.”.

The Sun quoted a spokesman for Pippa Middleton as saying. “Thank you for this drawing the attention of the family can confirm that not only have lawyers been reported, but the police are about to be involved as well.”

The alleged theft comes two years after a lot of celebrities, including Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence, was the victim of a hacker attack in iCloud, which stores private photos of Apple smart phones and computers. stolen pictures were later published online.

In July it was announced that Pippa Middleton, 33, was going to marry her boyfriend financial, James Matthews, 40, 2017. Prince William and Kate said the couple, who had been dating for less than a year when the engagement was announced, it was a “wonderful couple”.

Matthews is the executive director of the Eden Rock Capital Management Group and Spencer’s older brother Matthew, the E4 reality show Made in Chelsea. The hedge fund is the name of a luxury their parents own in the Caribbean.

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