Sleeping Patterns: How People Sleep Around The World?

The type of bedding and the manner or time people sleep are just two of the most important factors to consider if you would like to learn more about how people retire at the end of the day in different parts of the world or perhaps, it’s as mundane as simply knowing where to shop for the best bed around. We are excited to share in SelectAware that you’ll never run out of nest bedding coupon code to use if you’re planning to give yourself or a loved one a sleeping haven this holiday season.

But First, Sleeping Patterns


According to a sleep study conducted by Visual Capitalist, the average hours of sleep adults get is 6.8 hours on weeknights and 7.8 hours on weekends which are both not enough since the recommended hours is eight. This study was participated in by 11,000 working adults from 12 countries who believe they are not getting the right amount of sleep. You might be feeling this yourself and you have every right to since losing even an hour or two of sleep does the same liability on both motor and cognitive functions as when you don’t sleep for two straight days. 


So what do you do? The emphasis on improving and ways to better sleep has never ceased. It eliminates possible severe health problems, meltdowns, and accidents. You know by now that the six guilty parties are here to stay: worry and stress,  environment, schedules, entertainment, disruptors, and health conditions. You can continue working on comfort like making sure you stick to your daily exercise as this helps you balance melatonin level throughout your day. 

How People Sleep Around The World


Does your sleep pattern change as you grow old? 


There is a slight truth to this question as the sleep onset increases only by ten minutes between the age of 20 to 80. See this:


Between the ages of five and fifteen – stages of REM sleep become longer and stay the same until you are 60 years old. Nine hours is what a normal sleep becomes to young ones particularly until they are 12. You sleep averagely for seven hours until you’re 40 and decrease to six and a half if you look at 55 to 60. You can still averagely sleep for six hours until you’re 80. These are all results of quality studies held by professionals at NIH. 

How People Sleep Around The World

Which Sleeping Pattern Is Yours?


We are all used to hearing our parents tell us to sleep an average of 7-9 hours  which is the most common type of sleeping pattern or what we call the monophasic cycle.This is most suited to people who have the regular working hours from 9-5 and people who take care of others (mothers, health workers, etc) who can’t take a nap in between hours. If you do take naps during the day, you probably fall into one of these categories:


  • Biphasic Cycle – This takes one nap during the day and a broken pattern of sleep amounting to 5-6 hours at night time.
  • Everyman Cycle – If you can do a 3.5 deep sleep at night and at naps an average of 20 minutes times three, this is your cycle.
  • Dymaxion Cycle – These are for short sleepers who prefer to take multiple naps during daytime and sleep an average of two hours. 
  • Uberman Cycle – This cycle is about people who can take naps for 20 minutes, for about 6-8 times. 

How People Sleep Around The World


What Can Help You Get a Good Night Sleep?


There are many proven ways such as increasing bright light exposure during the day or decreasing your blue light exposure during the night but we believe nothing beats a comfortable bed and this is where the nest bedding coupon code comes in. From their 20% Holiday Sale or the extra $100 off plus free shipping coupon valid until the end of the year, there is no other reason not to take advantage of this once in a lifetime gift for yourself!



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