Summer Festival At Glasgow Green Is Being Considered By T In The Park

A new three-day summer festival at Glasgow Green is being considered by T in the Park organisers.

The Sunday Mail reports that talks on the festival to be held in July 2017 are at an ‘advanced stage’ and that T in the Park would be unlikely to go ahead at Strathallan Castle if the new festival is launched.

The Glasgow festival would not feature on site camping and would be aimed at a slightly older audience than T in the Park. Coldplay and Radiohead are being considered as potential headliners.

The new festival would also not feature the Tennents T in its branding.

Talks are understood to be underway between T in the Park organisers DF Concerts, and Glasgow City Council.

A source told the Sunday Mail: “This would not be T in the Park coming to Glasgow but a completely new festival. The acts involved are likely to appeal to a slightly older demographic.

“Everyone who has been involved so far is really excited at the prospect. Some acts have already been sounded out, though their identities are being kept under wraps.

“Glasgow Green has hosted massive gigs including The Stone Roses and Radio One’s Big Weekend in 2014.

“It’s a five-minute walk from some of the best pubs and clubs the city has to offer.

“It’s been made clear that this isn’t T in the Park comes to Glasgow but it would obviously be madness to run both events up against each other. It could mean T taking a break for a year.”

An industry insider added: “There is no way DF could, or would, run two events of this scale alongside each other.

“This is going to be a massive change but you can see all the advantages with Glasgow. It wipes out problems with infrastructure and means the site will be cleared every night.”

However, a source close to DF said they are not yet ruling out T in the Park at Strathallan next year.

The source said: “This is under consideration but no final decisions have been reached.

“Everything is up for discussion and it is still entirely possible that T could go ahead at Strathallan next year. It remains the preferred option, though a number of alternatives are being examined.

“It is possible that T could take a break and a festival takes place on Glasgow Green.”

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