Talented Makeup Artist Elsa Pageler Is a Master At Face-Painting.

Talented Makeup artist Elsa Pageler, who is also known as Elsa Rhae, transforms herself into a range of pop culture characters by face-painting. From cartoon superheroes and comic book villains to TV monsters and video game fighters, she re-imagines what her own face would look like with some expertly applied makeup. Each creation takes about 2-3 hours to complete.

Elsa Pageler who has a degree in film and media studies, she took an elective in stage makeup during her final semester that wound up reconfiguring her creative path. Luckily, she is able to combine her passions for makeup and video production through her YouTube channel, where she shares behind-the-scenes footage of her process.

See more of Elsa’s awesome makeup art on her personal website and through her Facebook page.

She also has a tone of videos detailing the entire process. Check out some of her pictures and videos below.




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