The Game and Meek Mill Brawl Sean Kingston Nightclub

In recent days, Meek Mill and Game have engaged in a total war on social media after the publication of diss track “92 Bars.” According to TMZ, the root of the problem stems from a June incident rotary Sean Kingston get your $ 300K chain kidnapped in the Penthouse nightclub in Hollywood.

The site reports that during the investigation, Game was questioned by authorities and believes Meek snitched on him.

In a video released today (September 17), Kingston denies the charge against Meek and supported.

TMZ says its sources of law enforcement says that not only the investigation has been closed due to lack of cooperation from Kingston, but the game was never a suspect in the first place.

The game is accusing Meek Mill ratting because of the investigation into the theft of Sean Kingston in a nightclub in Los Angeles.

Game started on stage Meek Thursday night, but it was not clear why he was calling an informer. near both rappers sources tell us this goes back to a June incident in Penthouse Nightclub & Dayclub.

TMZ broke the story … Kingston was crushed in the head with a bottle and then the attackers pulled a string $ 300k of his neck. Both Game and Meek were in the club that night.

We are told that create game Meek dropped a dime in it for the people of Kingston, and told them play or someone on your team was involved in the heist.

On stage in Miami, investigators game insinuated questioned about the crime.

Our police sources tell us game was never a suspect … and the investigation has been closed due to Kingston and uncooperative.

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