Thirteen-Year-Old Boy Tried as Adult Because of Penis Size Has Been Sentenced to Jail

A 13-year-old Hungarian boy accused of stealing a cell phone was tried as an adult and sentenced to jail in Russia because officials refused to believe he’s 13. Why, you ask? Because of the size of his penis.

The Moscow Times reports that the boy, identified only as Tomas to protect his identity, was just 12-years-old when he allegedly stole a cell phone in March after coming to live with his aunt in Russia. Despite maintaining his innocence, he was tried as an adult because prison doctors who examined his teeth and genitals determined that he had to be at least 16.

In Russia, individuals can be tried as adults at 16. In extreme situations (i.e. rape and murder), courts are willing to go as low as 14.

Still, Tomas’ family insists that he was 12 when the alleged crime took place, and paperwork checked when he crossed the Russian border supports this. Regardless, of, you know, facts, he was imprisoned.

His family has contested the ruling, and, luckily, the prison system has agreed to review the case. Hopefully, that will bring swift resolution to an otherwise ridiculous scenario.

[H/T The Moscow Times ]

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