NFL: Josh McCown Is Back After RG3 Injury

It’s happening again, Browns fans: Josh McCown is your quarterback.

On Monday, the team announced that starting QB Robert Griffin III an extended period of time would be lost after suffering a shoulder injury during the weekend, preparing the team for the return of the 37-year-old Josh McCown in the middle.

While it is extremely sad that RG3 is hurt, this is not necessarily a doomsday situation for the Browns.

It is difficult for Browns fans to get excited about McCown, I understand. He is 37 years old and in his tenth professional football franchise. (His ninth NFL team – played for the now defunct Hartford settlers in 2010.) None of us will be telling our grandchildren about the time we saw Josh McCown play.

But it is important to remember that McCown has not been terrible for the Browns. As Yates field of ESPN said, McCown was really good last year for the team.

These are not numbers Tom-Brady-en-’07, but those are respectable numbers of an NFL quarterback. McCown and the last time I checked, is not Johnny Manziel. When you’re the Browns, that’s really all you are looking for!

Especially after Griffin struggled in his first game for the team, completing 46.2% of his passes, throwing an interception and no touchdowns against the Eagles, McCown those numbers are downright appealing.

Josh McCown in 8 starts for the Browns in 2015: 263.6 passing yards/game, 12 TD, 4 INT, 63.7% completion percentage.

The Browns are not going to be very good this year. They also are not going to panic. New executive Paul DePodesta can be from the baseball world, most recently, but not stupid, and he is not going to overpay to bring some quarterback middling that will make the Browns win 7 games this season instead 5.

Or at least that’s what you should expect Browns fan. (CUE sending four first-round picks the Patriots to Jimmy Garoppolo team.)

The team also should not rush Cody Kessler depending on the starter. McCown is there for a reason. It is a solid player and keep the ship afloat, perform the steps you need to do and help the Browns along. He is not to win a Super Bowl, but the Browns were not winning a Super Bowl this year. He will suffice for now.

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