Tis the Season! Google’s Christmas Doodle Celebrates the Start of the Christmas Holiday Season

Tis the season! says Google in its doodle on Tuesday celebrating the start of the Christmas holiday season. The search giant has made doodles on Christmas a tradition, and is expected to be posting a doodle a day till after the main holiday.

Google’s Christmas doodle on Tuesday features a reindeer-driven sleigh with three child passengers and an adult driver. The Google logo is arrayed in a banner on top of the doodle. On rolling over the doodle with the mouse, the message ‘Tis the season! is displayed.

On clicking on Tuesday’s doodle, users are directed to a search results page for ‘Tis the season!, which features three Wikipedia entries at the forefront, one disambiguating the phrase ‘Tis the season!, the second detailing the ‘Tis the season! album of Christmas songs by Olivia Newton-John and Vince Gill, and the last an entry for the ‘Tis the season! children’s novel by Ann M. Martin.

As with previous years, Google has specifically avoided references to Christmas with its ‘Tis the season! doodle on Tuesday, taking a more politically correct approach to the holiday season and instead wishing users ‘Happy Holidays’ to spread cheer to those regions or users not celebrating Christmas.

The Google doodle archive page lists Tuesday’s ‘Tis the season! doodle as Holidays 2014 (Day 1), and it is visible across the world excepting Russia, Eastern Europe, northern Africa, and Indonesia. The last time Google posted a doodle on December 23 was back in 2010, once again wishing users Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.

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