Tomas Vitanovsky Makes Amazing Metal Sculptures Made of Car and Motorcycle Parts

45-year old talented Czech artist Tomas Vitanovsky creates delightful metal sculptures out of scrapped car and motorcycle parts. Vitanovsky says he stumbled upon his artform through his work as a motorcycle mechanic and racer.

Vitanovsky says from a very early age he has loved cars and motorbikes, and this passion has carried on all through his life. As an occasional motorbike racer and full-time motorbike mechanic, I started to love working with steel.

Vitanovsky describes how he got started with metal sculptures”

One day, I was throwing out some used engine parts of a motorbike I had finished when I got hit by an idea – I could weld them together! That was when bearings, gears, chains and outlets started to be transformed into animals, beetles, cars, bikes…

Since then, my techniques have improved and my art work has become more complex and detailed. I love the feeling when an image pops up in my mind and then the process of finding the right scrap bits to bring it into reality, even when it’s not always a direct process. Once it’s finished, I get a great feeling of fulfillment and pride and often find it hard to let them go.

All my pieces are made from recycled car and motorbike parts, some special little bits discovered in car-boot sales, and some parts donated by kind people. Combining my love for art and the automotive world with the desire to use metal scrap, I  create sculptures that are appreciated for their unique appeal and for their very personal and unique style of art work.

Checkout some of his sculptures on the Etsy.


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