Top 4 Most Popular Slot Games in the World Right Now

The popularity of online casinos is unquestionably huge; people love to go online or on their mobiles to indulge in some casino gaming. However, of all of the many classic casino games and their many variations, one type of game stands as the favorite: slot machines.

Slot machines often appear in their hundreds at online casinos due to how massive the demand to play them is. While it’s great to have a huge selection, it can be difficult to know which the games are the best. Luckily, players tend to find out the best games through playing and reading articles and then converge on them, making certain slots stand out because of their large player base.

These are the four most popular slot games at online casinos right now:

4. Jurassic World

The Jurassic World online slot game
Source: Movie Maniac, via Twitter

The Jurassic World online slot game was wildly popular when first released, and has held a steady following ever since. But, that fan base has grown immensely in recent weeks, most likely due to the smash-hit console game, Jurassic World: Evolution, and the billion-busting Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

These new releases have certainly given the slot game a boost, but players wouldn’t return if it wasn’t a top-quality game that features many ways to win big – which includes seeing the Indominus Rex stomp across the screen to boost your winnings up to 1000x. New players on the scene are now discovering the dinosaur adventure through free-spins offers to get some prehistoric thrills on the house.

3. Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead

Ancient Egypt has long been one of the most popular themes for online slot games, but by far the most popular boasting the theme is Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead. If online casinos want to advertise themselves to players using just one game as an example, it’s Book of Dead.

The game is world-renown as a big hitter, rocking a mighty 96.21 percent RTP, while only playing across ten paylines. This game will be an eternal favorite of online gamers.

2. The Mask

Jim Carrey The Mask
Source: First Row Movies, via Twitter

Jim Carrey may be displaying his legitimate acting chops in serious films like Dark Crimes, but we’ll always love and adore the 90s Carrey, who starred in hilarious comedies like The Mask. Some may have thought that making a slot game for The Mask in 2018 would be a bit too late, but the game shot up the trending charts at online casinos.

The slot game is a mad as the film, boasting random wilds, wild multiplier wins, extra wilds, block wilds, and bonus free games all while playing alongside Carrey’s character and his dog.

1. Age of the Gods

It’s cheating a little bit because it’s a suite of games rather than an individual slot, but the Age of the Gods series has remained remarkably popular throughout its years of existence. Of all of the games that Playtech has produced, it’s this progressive jackpot range which has drawn the biggest crowd. In fact, Playtech fans will love this list because it highlights the online casinos where Age of the Gods has become the most popular.

It started as the popular Marvel progressive jackpot suite, but Disney yanked the license and gave it to Square Enix to make video games. Luckily, Playtech, re-skinned the Marvel games into the godly games that we see today and expanded the range with even more all-powerful characters from Greek mythology.

Its ever-increasing jackpot, multiple ways to play, and epic theme keep Age of the Gods as the most popular slot game in the world right now.


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