WATCH: Neymar Kicks Luis Suarez After Prank

They’re also pretty decent when it comes to that other key part of being a top footballer these days: BANTER.

We saw Neymar get one over Suarez recently via, a classic chewing gum trick. Now, as you can see in the video above, Suarez has got his own back… and it seems Neymar is better at dishing out the LEDGE BANTZ than he is at getting it.

Training at the Etihad ahead of their Champions League clash against Man City, the MSN are having a chat among themselves, when Neymar puts his foot on the ball to tie his laces.

Suarez seizes his opportunity, kicking the ball out from under Neymar’s foot and making him fall over.

Neymar is not best pleased. Look at the face he pulls.

JUST LOOK AT THAT DEATH STARE. You could curdle milk with a glare like that.

Neymar, Messi and Suarez: one of them’s not very clever.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen that amazing Neymar look. Normally, he reserves it for those he feels REALLY deserve it.

Check out this great example of his “Touch My Boy’s Lady Again And I’ll Have You Killed” face:

The question is… where does Neymar’s evil look feature in football’s greatest death stares?

Barcelona coach Luis Enrique must have his heart pounding watching his two players clashing like a bunch of teenagers. The last thing he would have wanted is his two forwards injuring themselves right before a critical match in such a foolish fashion.

Good thing that no one got injured.

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