Will.i.am Releases A Potential Apple Watch Rival

Will.i.am must have been pretty glum when Apple temporarily shut down the world a month ago with tech enthusiasts losing their minds over the Apple Watch. Four weeks later and with considerably less hoo-ha, the producer, musician and The Voice judge has announced the release of the Puls, his “communication and socialization device”.

The Puls (weird name), comes with 1GB memory, 16GB storage and can access social media accounts, make calls, send texts, stream music and offer directions. Wow, this sounds really familiar. I wonder where we’ve heard that before.

His “smartcuff” can be voice-controlled, but it does come with a keyboard option should you get self-conscious on the bus. Will.i.am told the New York Times that the Puls will “cost less than a smartphone”, but refused to name a retail price and said that he aims to have it in shops before the end of the year.

A worrying kiss of death came from eater of souls and business magnate Rupert Murdoch, who gave it his stamp of approval:
When asked to explain why the wrist is so in vogue, Will.i.am explained: “From Dick Tracy to Inspector Gadget to Star Wars, we’ve been told for years that that’s where it is supposed to be. It’s pop-culture conditioning.”

The singer went on to reveal that the Puls is just the beginning: he wants to make wearable tech for all parts of the body, saying: “It’s a calling and an obligation.”

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