Xiaomi Mi 5S Images Leaked Ahead of Unveiling

The Xiaomi Mi 5S has been showing up like a leaky faucet in the last few days. We have three different images of the device. The first image (above) shows the white version in someone’s hands.

It looks a lot like the iPhone with the circular home button. Rumor claims it’s a Qualcomm ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

The next image is a render of the black model. Like the previous photo, we can see the round home button/fingerprint sensor. It’s worth noting that the home button appears to be outlined in blue on both models.

The last image is said to be the Mi 5S Plus, which has more RAM and storage. It looks a lot like the Jet Black iPhone 7 with the dual-camera module in a vertical position. The Mi 5S is expected to launch on September 29th in China.

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