Yify-pop, the Opensource Project for Streaming Movie and TV Show Torrents from Yify

Remember Popcorn Time? and all its alternatives such as Popcorn Team, Time4Popcorn, Atraci, and many others, that came basically after the end of the Popcorn time project? Well, after the entry of Netflix in several new countries, it has not been long to see an opensource alternative, a kind of Netflix + Popcorn time actually.

Popcorn Time was a fancy software to install on your computer and allowing you to watch all the top movies and TV-shows based on popular trackers. You were then able to watch them like if it was a simple stream (Just click play and watch) but in peer to peer.

Great software but a big problem for your privacy. Indeed, if you use such software it is easy to catch your IP on the trackers and know if you are downloading the latest Hollywood blockbusters.

Well, this is where Yify Pop will interest a lot of people. Yify Pop is a web server to stream torrents from yify, with a nice interface, which is actually responsive design (Mobile/Tablet friendly).

Easy to install on a remote server, Yify Pop has a large set of movies, TV shows and also includes a large set of subtitles in different languages. Basically, a great software to watch in streaming all the latest movies, TV shows, etc…

Unfortunately, it might not be legal in your country. But for the sake of knowledge, let’s see how to install it!

You will first need to install node.js and npm.

1. Install nodejs and npm – If you use Ubuntu, simple run (as root)

apt-get install nodejs npm

If you are on Debian (Wheezy?) like me, you can install nodejs from wheezy-backports (modify your source.list accordingly) and run (in root):

apt-get install nodejs nodejs-legacy curl

and for npm, you can use the installer (still in root)

curl https://www.npmjs.org/install.sh | sh

2. Clone their git repository into your /var/www Still in root (or with sudo):

cd /var/www
git clone https://github.com/yify-pop/yify-pop

3. Install the 2 specific requirements (Geddy and Peerflix) Still in root:

cd yify-pop
npm -g install geddy
npm -g install peerflix

4. Install the application

npm install

5. Start the server


and simply go to https://xx.xx.xx.xx:4000/

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