6 Tech Trends That Blow Your Mind In 2022

Since the beginning of the pandemic most industries have suffered but not from a technological standpoint. The pandemic has instead increased the number of people doing hybrid working causing technology to expand much faster than most people anticipated. The global spending is predicted to increase to $1.8 trillion this year.

The public and businesses have taken more of an interest in the technology industry since the start of Covid. Technology plays an extremely vital role in our everyday lives that it is moulding our present and future. Technology has become so broad, it can range from artificial intelligence, online shopping, to even the way in which we work now. We recently spoke to TechQuarters, an IT Managed Services Provider who placed emphasis on the fact that technology is thriving right now and that there are many different forms of technology that can benefit your business. Below you will find a few tech trends that will get you even more excited for the year ahead.

Omnipresent Computing

  1. Omnipresent Computing

Technology is all around us in so many different forms that it is quite difficult to keep track. The processing power of technology has improved so much that new and smaller devices keep getting introduced. The biggest technological advancement that we can expect soon is quantum computers. They have always seemed lie a myth and if you do not know what that is then simply imagine the most powerful and rapid computer ever. What makes this so exciting is that it will open up a new world for us, this is because it can perform tasks that traditional computers cannot even fathom.

Ethical Artificial Intelligence

  1. Ethical Artificial Intelligence

We automatically associate technology with not being able to consider ethical guidelines because we think it cannot recognise basic values. AI technology has been making tremendous strides, so much so that it has reduced the risks for consumers regarding their security and privacy. The artificial intelligence trade is continuing to establish an AI system that considers ethical principles and policies. The main goal is to ensure that AI systems can produce ethical conduct to safeguard customer data.

Digital Finance Expansion

  1. Digital Finance Expansion

We all know that cryptocurrencies and central bank-backed digital currencies have quickly been developing. The best part about these innovations is that through more economic presence various forms of payments will get better. The growth of cryptocurrencies has become so exponential that even central banks all over the world are considering it. The pandemic has meant that a lot of customers prefer to conduct digital payments which has only increased the number of countries creating central bank-backed digital currencies. Should the pandemic calm down a lot more it is very difficult to see people shying away from digital payments.

Growing 5G & 6G

  1. Growing 5G & 6G

So many have been either forced to work form home or prefer to, either way remote working is very prevalent all around the world. Working from home has also meant that more people need internet that they can depend on. Businesses in the UK prefer to use a London IT Support Company because they are able to assist employees with any internet issues should they work remotely. When we refer to reliable internet, we should consider the speed as well. That is why many people have preferred the use of 5G as it provides swift speeds even though it was recently introduced. Technology has waited for no one, 2022 has already seen the introduction of 6G.

Extended Reality

  1. Extended Reality

Technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality has been placed under one field which is referred to as XR. This field was initially introduced to the world for gaming but its just like technology to quickly develop and extend XR into other industries. Businesses can learn to appreciate XR because it allows their customers to try out their products virtually. Customers are able to see what something in a digital reality will look in the real world.

3D Printing

  1. 3D Printing

3D printing is the way forward for many industries, that is because you can just about print anything these days. For example, the architecture industry can thrive because they are able to print a model of the house they have designed. The manufacturing sector also has endless possibilities through 3D printing. All customers want products that will benefit their lifestyle and through 3D printing businesses can expect amazing time-to-market completion. The best part is that it benefits the world through reducing waste.


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