9-month-old Boy Accused of Conspiring to Murder.

Muhammad Mosa Khan, A nine-month-old boy appeared in court in Pakistan on charges of conspiring to murder, according to reports. Muhammad Mosa Khan is also facing accusations of threatening police and interfering in state affairs in what must be one of the most bizarre court cases ever.

The kid was one of more than 30 people facing charges after a police raid to capture suspected gas thieves in the eastern city of Lahore. A video by WorldNews.tv shows the bewildered baby being fingerprinted, holding a bottle of milk and being carried into court by his grandfather.

It was even alleged that the infant had pelted stones at a police party making the raid according to The Nation website. Reports suggest the boy has now been bailed until April 12 and the chief minister of the Punjab province has intervened and called for an inquiry.

Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif was said to have asked for clarification from the province’s inspector-general of police and has asked for ‘stern action’ against those who charged the young boy.

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