Adele Can’t Handle A Bat Flying Into Her Mexico Concert and Other Tour Surprises

The Adele warned one fan, saying: “It landed right by your head. Oh my God, it’s a bat.”

Adele was performing in Mexico City as part of her world tour, which began in Belfast in February.

After a few minutes flapping around, the bat flew away and things returned to business as usual.

It’s not the first time an animal has joined her on stage – and the tour has thrown up some other surprises too.

When a bat welcomes you to a new country @Adele #adelemexico

During a concert in Los Angeles in August, Adele invited a fan onto the stage.

The man had also brought his dog along to see the British singer.

How interested is Adele in this dog ?? so freaking adorable ?

During this round the world trip, it has often seemed that no Adele gig has been complete without a proposal mid-show.

Generally, the happy couple get applause from the audience and a few words from Adele herself.

But if you’re really lucky, like two people in Copenhagen, you get Adele to join in and help you out.

this is cute but Adele’s reaction is even cuter please send help

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