Airbus A350 Has Been In Training In Crosswinds At Stornoway Airport

The Airbus A350 arrived over Stornoway Airport on Lewis from Toulouse in France earlier on Wednesday.

Its crew flew to the island to train in the strong cross winds that are frequently experienced there, BBC Scotland understands.

Stornoway is more commonly used for much smaller passenger planes.

The appearance of the large aircraft has led to tongue-in-cheek posts on social media that US president-elect Donald Trump was on board.

Mr Trump’s mother was born and grew up on Lewis.

The Airbus A350’s flight crew have been carrying out what is known as a “touch-and-go” exercise, which involve making a series of approaches to the runway.

Stornoway Airport is operated by Highlands and Islands Airports Limited (Hial).

A Hial spokesperson said: “An Airbus A350 belonging to the manufacturer has been carrying out routine cross-wind training at Stornoway Airport today.

“Similar training exercises have taken place at Stornoway in the past for a range of aircraft.”

The first Airbus A350 made its maiden flight in 2013.

The aircraft can carry up to 440 passengers.

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