The Jesus and Mary Chain Release First Album In Over 18 Years

Beautifully damaged noise-pop romantics the Jesus And Mary Chain never released a single bad song during all their years of existence, but it’s been a long time since we’ve heard a new one from them. The band broke up in 1999.

And though they reunited in 2007 and they’ve been playing shows on-and-off since then, they haven’t released any new music since 1998’s Munki. But today, we get the awesome news that a new album could be coming out early next year.

As Brooklyn Vegan points out, Creation Records founder Alan McGee recently told CBC that the Jesus And Mary Chain have recorded a new album and that’ll be out in late March of next year: “They’ve made another album! It’s a big deal! It’s unbelievable.

They’ve just made an album and I’ve signed them to Warners!” He claims it’s coming out in late March on Warner Bros. That is a big deal! It is unbelievable! It’s also unconfirmed. But McGee has a long and proud history of getting shit done, so it’s probably safe to start getting excited.

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