V. Stiviano Says Donald Sterling Is Not A Racist, Defends His Comments

Just a week after a recording surfaced in which Donald Sterling asked his girlfriend, V. Stiviano to stop associating with black people, V. Stiviano, sat down with Barbara Walters in an attempt to clear the air.

In the bizarre interview with Walters on ABC’s “20/20,” the billionaire’s 31-year-old girlfriend states that she doesn’t believe the LA Clippers owner is racist. Stiviano tries to put Sterling’s comments in context, but fails to actually make any compelling points or give any satisfying answers, despite Walters’ best efforts.

While Stiviano, who is both black and Hispanic, admits that she thinks Sterling was in the wrong, she also goes on to defend his comments.

If you’re looking for real answers, you aren’t going to find them here. However, the conversation provides a fascinating look into the mind of the mistress and produces a number of interesting comments like, “I love him as a father figure,” when asked abut the nature of her relationship with Sterling.

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